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Reactive Dye

Reactive Dye is in Water Soluble. The salient features of Reactive Dyes are their brilliant shades, ease of application, overall good fastness properties & economy. Reactive dyes have a low utilization degree compared to other types of dyestuff. The popularity of Reactive dyes with textile processors is due to its versatility in the application by various dyeing methods such as exhaust dyeing, semi-continuous and continuous dyeing as well as various printing methods by direct printing, resist printing, discharge printing and very recently by inkjet printing.





List of Reactive Dye:

Reactive Cold Dyes
Shade Product Name C. I. Name
  Reactive Red M5B Reactive Red 2
  Reactive Red M8B Reactive Red 11
  Reactive Magenta MB Reactive Violet 13
  Reactive Orange M2R Reactive Orange 4
  Reactive Gol. Yellow MR Reactive Yellow 44
  Reactive Yellow MR EX H/C Reactive Yellow 44
  Reactive Yellow M8G Reactive Yellow 86
  Reactive Yellow M4G Reactive Yellow 22
  Reactive Violet C4R Reactive Violet 12
  Reactive Blue MR Reactive Blue 4
  Reactive Blue M2R Reactive Blue 81
  Reactive Tur. Blue Ha5G Reactive Blue 71


Reactive ‘HE’ Dyes
Shade Product Name C. I. Name
  Reactive Yellow HE6G Reactive Yellow 135
  Reactive Yellow HE4R Reactive Yellow 81
  Reactive Yellow HE4R Reactive Yellow 84
  Reactive G. Yellow HE4R Reactive Yellow 81-A
  Reactive Orange HER Reactive Orange 84
  Reactive Orange HE2R Reactive Orange 84-A
  Reactive Red HE3B Reactive Red 120
  Reactive Red HE5B Mix
  Reactive Red HE7B Reactive Red 141
  Reactive Red HE8B Reactive Red 152
  Reactive Green HE 4B Reactive Green 19
  Reactive Green HE 4BD Reactive Green 19A
  Reactive Navy Blue HER Reactive Blue 171
  Reactive Navy Blue HE2R Reactive Blue 172
  Reactive Blue HERD Reactive Blue 160
  Reactive Navy Blue HEGN Reactive Blue 198


Reactive Hot Dyes
Shade Product Name C. I. Name
  Reactive Yellow H7GL Reactive Yellow 57
  Reactive Yellow H4G Reactive Yellow 18
  Reactive Gol. Yellow HR Reactive Yellow 12
  Reactive Orange H2R Reactive Orange 13
  Reactive Red H8B Reactive Red 31
  Reactive Red 6BX Reactive Red 76
  Reactive Red Brown H4R Reactive Brown 9
  Reactive Magenta HB Reactive Violet 13
  Reactive Purple H3R Reactive Violate 1
  Reactive Black HN Reactive Black 8
  Reactive Blue H3RP Reactive Blue 49
  Reactive Tur. Blue H5G Reactive Blue 25
  Reactive Navy Blue RX Reactive Blue 59


Reactive ME Dye
Shade Product Name C. I. Name
  Reactive Red ME4BL Reactive Red 195
  Reactive Red ME6BL Reactive Red 196/250
  Reactive Red ME3BL Reactive Red 180
  Reactive Orange ME2RL Reactive Orange 122
  Reactive G. Yellow MERL Reactive Yellow 145
  Reactive Yellow ME4GL Reactive Yellow 160/186
  Reactive Blue ME2RL Reactive Blue 158
  Reactive Navy Blue ME2GL Reactive Blue 194
  Reactive Jet Black WNN Mix
  Reactive Black HFGR Mix


Reactive Vinyl Sulphone Base Dye
Shade Product Name C. I. Name
  Reactive Red 4B Reactive Red 24
  Reactive Red 5B Reactive Red 35
  Reactive Red C2G Reactive Red 106
  Reactive Red RB Reactive Red 198
  Reactive Orange 3R Reactive Orange 16
  Reactive Orange 2R Reactive Orange 7
  Reactive G. Yellow R Reactive Yellow 20
  Reactive Yellow FG Reactive Yellow 42
  Reactive G. Yellow RNL Reactive G. Yellow 107
  Reactive Yellow R Reactive Yellow 77
  Reactive Black B Reactive Black 5
  Reactive Black RL Reactive Black 31
  Reactive Violet 5R Reactive Violet 5
  Reactive Tur. Blue G. Reactive Blue 21
  Reactive Tur. Blue H2GP Mix
  Reactive Blue 3R Reactive Blue 28
  Reactive Blue R Reactive Blue 19
  Reactive Blue RGB Reactive Blue 250
  Reactive Blue BB Reactive Blue 220
  Reactive Brown GR Reactive Brown 18
  Reactive Black WNN Mix



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