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Disperse Dye

Disperse dye is one kind of organic substances which is free of ionizing group. Disperse dye is non-soluble in nature. Disperse dye is insoluble in water. Dispersing agent is needed for dyeing with disperse dyes. Fastness properties specially wet and light fastness is good to excellent. Disperse dyes are applied in acidic condition. Disperse dyes are widely used for dyeing synthetic fibers. Polyester fiber is dyed by disperse dyes but nylon, acrylic also can be dyed with this. Disperse dyes dyeing is carried out in high temperature(130*C or 266*F). In some case carrier method is applied for dyeing of polyester with disperse dyes. Disperse dyes are economical. Molecular size of disperse dyes are smaller than other dyes. Disperse dyes are derivatives of azo, anthraquinone, nitro and quinine groups.



List of Disperse Dye:

Shade Product Name C.I. Name
  Aedis Yellow 7GD DISPERSE YELLOW 126
  Aedis Yellow 10GN DISPERSE YELLOW 184:1
  Aedis Yellow SGL DISPERSE YELLOW 114:1
  Aedis Yellow Brown 2RFL (200%) DISPERSE ORANGE 30:1
  Aedis Yellow C4G DISPERSE YELLOW 211
  Aedis Yellow 7GN MIX
  Aedis Red F3BS DISPERSE RED 343
  Aedis Dark Red 2B (180%) DISPERSE RED 167
  Aedis Red F3BL MIX
  Aedis Red 2BN (150%) DISPERSE RED 60
  Aedis Red Violet FBL (150%) DISPERSE VIOLET 56
  Aedis Scarlet RR DISPERSE RED 54
Aedis Orange RL (H/C) DISPERSE ORANGE 25
Aedis Orange 3R (200%) DISPERSE ORANGE 44
  Aedis Blue SR DISPERSE BLUE 354
  Aedis Blue MGB (200%) MIX
  Aedis Blue 2R Conc. DISPERSE BLUE 183:1
  Aedis Blue GSL DISPERSE BLUE 165
  Aedis Blue 2RX DISPERSE BLUE 56
  Aedis Blue GRXF MIX
  Aedis Black EMRD (300%) MIX
  Aedis Black EXSF (CRR) MIX


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