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Acid Dye

An Acid Dye is a dye that is typically applied to a textile at low pH.Our core expertise is the Acid Dye, one of the oldest synthetic dyes, known for their brilliant hues and high tinctorial strength. They are soluble in water readily absorbed by wool, silk, acrylic and nylon fibres but show poor affinity to cotton. Can also be used as food colorants.





List of Acid Dye:

Shade Product Name C. I. Name CAS No.
  Acid Yellow G Acid Yellow 11 6375-55-9
  Acid Yellow MR Acid Yellow 42 6375-55-9
  Acid Yellow 2GLN Acid Yellow 59 5601-29-6
  Acid Yellow N5GN Acid Yellow 64 12220-68-7
  Acid Yellow GR Acid Yellow 99 10343-58-5
  Acid Yellow 5GN Acid Yellow 110 12220-74-5
  Acid Yellow GL Acid Yellow 114 61901-51-7
  Acid Yeloow 6G Acid Yellow 186 10103-29-7
  Acid Yellow M3RL Acid Yellow 194 61814-52-6
  Acid Orange II Acid Orange 7 633-96-5
  Acid Orange G Acid Orange 10 1936-15-8
  Acid Orange 2G Acid Orange 74 10127-27-2
  Acid Orange M2RL Acid Orange 142 55809-98-8
  Acid Scarlet 3R Acid Red 18 2611-82-7
  Acid Fast Red A Acid Red 88 1658-56-6
  Acid Scarlet G Acid Red 97 10169-02-5
  Acid Marron V Acid Red 119 12220-20-1
  Acid Red 3BN Acid Red 131 70210-37-6
  Acid Red F2R Acid Red 151 6406-56-0
  Acid Red 2BN Acid Red 249 6416-66-6
  Acid Red NG Mix
  Acid Red RSN Mix
  Acid Red GRS Mix
  Acid Violet 5BN Acid Violet 17 4129-84-4
  Acid Violet 4BS Acid Violet 49 1694-09-3
  Acid Red 10B Acid Violet 54 70210-05-8
  Acid Violet MB Acid Violet 90 6408-29-3
  Acid Blue AS Acid Blue 7 3486-30-4
  Acid Sulphone Blue R Acid Blue 92 3861-73-2
  Acid Fast Navy Blue S5R Acid Blue 113 3351-05-1
  Acid Brown 2RL Acid Brown 45 84989-26-4
  Acid Dark Brown 5R Acid Brown 48
  Acid Brown M2RL Acid Brown 365 63641-88-3
  Acid Green V Acid Green 16 12768-78-4
  Acid Green 3GR Mix
  Acid Black 10BX Acid Black 1 1064-48-8
  Acid Black WA Acid Black 52 5610-64-0
  Acid Gray BL Acid Black 58 12218-94-9
  Acid Black MSRL Acid Black 194 61931-02-0
  Acid Black BX Mix


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